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UKCup rules


All runners properly entered on the appropriate courses are eligible to score ukcup points, provided that they are not declared as non-competitive and they are normally resident in the UK and are national members of British Orienteering or they are normally resident outside the UK and are full members of their national orienteering federation.


Up to and including the 2005 series, points for each race were awarded to the first 45 finishers using the system shown on the left below. From 2006 onwards, points for each race are awarded to the first 50 finishers using the system shown on the right below. In the case of a tie, both runners will receive the higher score, i.e. in the case of joint 5th place both runners will receive 46 points and the next runner 44 points (under the 2006 scoring system).

    1997-2005                    2006-
position   points         position   points
   1st       50              1st       60
   2nd       47              2nd       55
   3rd       45              3rd       51
   4th       43              4th       48
   5th       41              5th       46
   6th       40              6th       45
   7th       39              7th       44
   ...       ..              ...       ..
  43rd        3             48th        3
  44th        2             49th        2
  45th        1             50th        1

In races with qualifying and final rounds where positions are based only on the final round (e.g. BEOC sprint), points will be awarded first to finishers in the 'A' final, then to runners in the 'B' and subsequent finals, i.e. the winner of the 'B' final will receive points as though they had finished last in the 'A' final, regardless of the comparitive times. In two-part races where the overall time is used to determine position (e.g. chasing start races), the overall position after the two races will be used to award points.

Up until 2005, the overall series scores were calculated using the best six race scores.

From 2006-2010, the number of races used to calculate the series scores was based on the number of races in the series as shown in the table below (and excluding any races cancelled or declared void). For series of 9 or more races, the best six scores count, for series of 8 races, the best 5 count, and for series of 7 races the best 4 count. Note that it is now possible to have different numbers of counters for the mens and womens series (i.e. if only one course at a race is declared void).

races in series       races to count
      9+                   6
      8                    5
      7                    4

From 2011 onwards, a special UK Cup Final race is introduced. The best scores from all races excluding the final are counted according to the table below, and then added to any score in the UK Cup Final race. So for example in 2011 there are 14 races plus the UK Cup Final (a total of 15), and runners can count the best 8 scores from the first 14 races, plus their score in the UK Cup Final.

races in series (excl. final)  races to count
      16+                  9 + final
      14,15                8 + final
      11,12,13             7 + final
      9,10                 6 + final
      8                    5 + final
      7                    4 + final

In the case of a tie in the overall scores, a countback system will be used. this means that the runner with the higher single race score(s) will be placed ahead. in the case of all counting scores being equal, non-counting scores will also be considered.

Separate distinctions are made for top junior and top veteran runners. For the UK Cup, junior is defined as age 20- and veteran is defined as age 40+.

Rules of competition

UKCup races are generally run under the appropriate BOF rules and guidelines for the type of race, but organisers may declare additional or alternative rules in the pre-race details where these have been agreed with the race controller and/or elite events panel.

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